mask175-copyTap Tap Wars is a funny and simple game for two players.
In this game you don’t have to constantly touch the screen with your hands, feet or some other part of your body. Well, you may try if you wish but it won’t help you to win.

The idea is to touch the screen in turn with your opponent.
Sounds easy? – It does!
Is it easy to win? – Not at all!
With each touch the game becomes more and more dynamic. Touching the screen not in your turn will reverse the course of the game in favor of your opponent.

Have you both caught the rhythm?
Skip your turn, break the rhythm, and probably your opponent will make an extra touch, giving you more chances to win.

The game features a single-player training mode but nothing is as joyful as playing in a team!
Invite your friends to play with you and enjoy the game!